Not So Lazy Saturday

11 Mar

Most of the boxes are unpacked, and the apartment is finally looking like people live here. Except, of course, that the kitchen was torn out Friday in anticipation of the new one being installed on Tuesday.

One of the biggest reasons we moved was a desire to be closer to things. Since our new apartment is just across the Amstel from De Pijp, we decided to finally take advantage, and took Churchill to Sarphatipark for a walk. One corner of the park is reserved for dogs, and yesterday did not disappoint, as there were at least 7-10 dogs playing happily in the mud. Churchill joined the fray, and made lots of new friends. He also almost pooped on another dogs head. The joys of dog ownership.

On the way home, we stopped for a coffee, and then noticed that some sort of crew competition was taking place on the Amstel river. There is a crew club just up the street from us, so it wasn’t a total surprise to see them out on the river.

Crew on the Amstel

There must have been 20-30 boats out on the river, with people shouting instructions over loudspeakers. It was quite the scene.

We returned home, and I continued the work to finish setting up furniture and unpacking clothes. We finished off the night by dining at Sa Saeda, an Italian “ristorante” just up the street from us. One of the waitresses had waved at Churchill earlier as we walked by, and they were unsurprisingly very friendly as we dined there (sans dog). Later that night, as we took Churchill for his final walk, our waiter was outside unchaining his bike to go home. He recognized us immediately, and asked us if we enjoyed our pizza, then wished us a good night. We walked down a few streets we hadn’t been to yet, and found a few more restaurants to try. It’s nice to have a selection of nearby restaurants, and they will keep us busy until our new kitchen is installed.

Sunday, we’ll hopefully bike down to Gamma (a home-improvement store), and then we’re meeting a few new friends to see Hugo in 3D. This is exactly the sort of weekend I had in mind when I found this apartment.


2 responses to “Not So Lazy Saturday

  1. Citizen_Stu

    March 12, 2012 at 12:51

    Sounds like you have moved to a really nice area 🙂

  2. Jenny

    April 10, 2012 at 17:31

    Miss your blogging. Hope all is well


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