Het Regent

26 Jul

If real-life conversations could be archived, categorized, and searched like Twitter feeds, I think the most popular hash-tag around the Netherlands this month would be #hetregent. It refers not to a monument, royalty, or an event for the cities elite. Nope. Translated into English, it means “It is raining.”

When I moved to the Netherlands, I expected rain. It rains here, on average, 186 days a year. That leaves 179 days of no rain, right? Not this year. Not this month.

The average precipitation in July in Amsterdam is 3.1 inches / 81.1 mm. That’s the second highest average of the year, so July should be a fairly wet month. According to the most recent figures I can find, from July 17th, the Netherlands has already experienced 5.3 inches / 135 mm. Mind you, this was from 9 days ago. 9 days, where it’s rained every day. We’re on pace to break the record for rainiest July in recorded history, which is 7.5 inches / 192 mm.

To be fair, rarely does it rain particularly hard in Amsterdam. It’s usually fairly light, just above a mist. Which means that it has to do that a LOT in order to get measurable results. When it does rain hard, the strong wind here means the rain comes in at high angles, rendering an umbrella useless.

All of this would be bad enough, but along with the rain has come colder temperatures. The average temperature for the 2nd half of this month should be 73 F / 23 C. Instead, it’s going to be 64 F / 18 C.

I’m tired of it. Working from home, I don’t get out much, so I usually have to find excuses to go somewhere. Not this month. I’ve been looking for excuses to stay home. If it weren’t for walking the dog, and making the occasional Albert Heijn run, I’d be a hermit by now. My umbrella broke in the wind a few weeks back, which was to be expected. Cheap umbrellas + Amsterdam wind = bad idea.

To everyone back in St. Louis who keeps posting about the high heat and sun-shine. Shut up. I would trade weather with you in a heartbeat right now. At least July is almost over. August can’t be this wet, can it?

All figures in this post came from Wikipedia and Radio Netherlands Worldwide.


Posted by on July 26, 2011 in Life in the Dam


2 responses to “Het Regent

  1. Invader_Stu

    July 26, 2011 at 12:45

    I keep on forgetting it’s summer at the moment with all the rain we have had.

  2. gemma sides

    July 28, 2011 at 06:39

    I told you, she is sad I have left…


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