Wrap Ups & Hair Cuts

15 Jun

Nothing of particular interest in this blog post, just some quick updates to previous blog entries, in case any of you out in the blogosphere are wondering “Hmm, where did that Nether Regions guy get his hair cut?” I joke, but there is some element of truth to this. One of the most popular search terms that leads people to my blog is “Netherlands hair cuts”.

So, for your follicle curiosity, here’s the info: The first place I got my hair cut was nothing special. I’m not going back. The 2nd place happened to be open and available when I walked by on a public holiday. It’s run by a nice Italian man (favorite thing he told me: “People only trust Italians for 2 things: food and fashion.” I pointed out that they can make a pretty kick-ass car too, but I digress), and located in De Pijp. It’s called Alessio Hairways, at Van Woustraat 113, or call him at 020 676 1081. This is not a paid advertisement, just a happy customer.

A few months back I also posted about a bicycle-parking feud. The dude continued to move our bikes for a few weeks after that post. One day, Roxy and I came home to find a bakfiets parked in our spot. We ended up parking inside our storage closet in the back of the garage, and have been parking there ever since. It’s slightly annoying to have to unlock/lock the door to our closet to get our bikes out, but at least they’re safe in there. I’m still contemplating purchasing a ski-mask and doing a sneak attack on his door at 3am after moving out, but we’ll see what happens.

Finally, I met with a makelaar (real estate agent) today, and met with a mortgage guy a few weeks ago. It’s looking more and more like we’ll be buying an apartment here. I’m sure I’ll post about the process as we experience it.

It’s been pretty rainy here lately, but it only rains when I want to go somewhere. As soon as I get home, the sky clears and the sun shines…at least until it’s time to take Churchill outside, then the storm clouds start to gather. Mother Nature hates me.


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