Photos: Kasteel De Haar

05 Jun

Kasteel De Haar (De Haar Castle) is the largest castle in the Netherlands. Despite the forecast for rain, we hopped onto the train to Utrecht, and made our way to the castle. While it wasn’t the most beautiful day, the rain did stay away, and the sun even peaked out for a bit. I had intended to bring my DSLR camera, but with the forecast of rain, I decided to stick with my iPhone, and my favorite photo-taking app. Photos were not allowed inside the castle, so the images below are from our walk to the castle, and around the castle grounds.

The tour was conducted in Dutch, but English audio-guides are available. Two interesting facts about the castle: 1) It is privately owned, and every September the owners close the castle to visitors and hold huge parties and events there for a month. 2) Some of the rooms featured spikes hanging from the ceiling. It was thought that when ghosts came out at night, their flowing white gowns would get caught on these spikes. The ghosts would then be trapped until daybreak, when they would turn into dust.

If you have the time, I recommend making the trip. We found the castle much more interesting than the over-hyped Schloss Neuschwanstein in Germany.

The road to the castle.

The Castle, as seen from the road

The castle gate

The castle, as seen from the rose garden

Behind the iron gates at the front door

Cool door-knocker

The front door

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