Easter & Amsterdamse Bos

25 Apr

Thanks to my schedule being based off of German holidays in Hamburg, I had a 4 day weekend for Easter. Friday and Saturday were spent running errands, getting ready for Easter, and having a few drinks in Rembrantplein with friends.

Sunday, Roxy’s colleague and cousin both came over to eat. Her colleague is from Germany, and brought us wine and a German plum liquor. After the wine, beer, and liquor were exhausted, we found the closest open Albert Heijn and made a quick trip. Churchill got his first experience running alongside us while we rode our bikes. A 12-pack of Heineken later, we were back in business.

Today we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather Amsterdam was having, and take a long bike ride to Het Amsterdamse Bos (The Amsterdam Forest). From our apartment on Cruquiuseiland, the Bos is about 10km. The journey took us through Oosterpark (Eastern Park) and Sarphatipark, and past Olympic Stadium.

The forest is actually man-made (it was planned and planted many years ago), so it’s very nicely laid out. There are bike paths, walking paths, water, and grassy areas everywhere. As we rode through the park in the shade of the trees, we would frequently emerge into a small open field filled with people laying on towels, enjoying the sun.

Bos 1

Bos 2

There is water running throughout the area, and a large lake filled with people swimming, playing, and boating. Roxy and I decided to come back later in the year on a nice day and hop in the water.

Bos 3

Bos 4

On the way home, we passed over the Amstel River, which was filled with boats. I took this shot over my shoulder while riding my bike, so you can’t see most of the boats, but it should give you an idea. Afterwards we stopped at a coffee house for a quick snack.



Once we got home, we decided that Churchill shouldn’t be left out of the day in the sun, so we took him to Flevopark. It was too crowded to let him off his leash, but we sat on a bench for a while and let him enjoy the day. We talked about the sheer number of people out in the parks today just enjoying themselves. It’s something we never saw in St. Louis. Sure, there would be people having picnics or playing sports in the park, but those were generally organized activities. It was rare to see people just literally enjoying the park as a family. It’s very nice to see people do that here. I guess back in St. Louis, almost everyone has a backyard, whereas that’s rare here, so the park has to be used as your own backyard. Still an interesting sight to see.



One response to “Easter & Amsterdamse Bos

  1. Invader_Stu

    April 27, 2011 at 12:44

    I have to go to Amsterdam Bos more often. I’ve only been once and thought it was a great place.


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