Everything is the same?

19 Apr

A few weeks back, I was at a bar near Dam Square with some of my wife’s co-workers and their significant others. After some polite conversation with them, the bartender and I started talking. He is native Dutch, though from a small town near the German border, but now lives in Amsterdam. He had been to the US several times, as he had friends who lived in Knoxville. We discussed the differences between the US and the Netherlands, and perceptions of Americans around the world. His opinion (which I was glad to hear) is that every nationality has its share of idiots who give the rest of them a bad rap, but for the most part, everybody around the world is the same. We may eat different things, speak different languages, and have different religious or political philosophies, but for the most part we are 99.44% identical.

I agreed with him, for the most part, until he got to beer. I noticed that this bar sold Budweiser (the American one), and I asked if it was very popular. He said the Czech version was more popular, but they sold a fair amount of American Bud simply because it’s hard to find here. I offered my opinion that Budweiser is utter crap, which he disagreed with. According to him, Budweiser tastes exactly the same as Heineken, because they are both lagers. Buzz, wrong. I’ll admit that in the US, Heineken is pretty bad, but it tastes much better here in the Netherlands.

I have found that Heineken’s commercials here are pretty similar to the kind of commercials that Bud Light runs in the US. Here are a few examples:

Can’t you just see both of those as Bud Light commercials? Replace Dutch with English, put brown bottles instead of green, and boom, you’re done.

Finally, I’m including this commercial simply because it’s something you couldn’t air in the US, since it contains some nudity. In other words, if you’re at work in the US, don’t watch this. It’s pretty tame, but still…

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