05 Mar

In a little over a week, my parents will be arriving for their first visit to Amsterdam, and 2nd visit to Europe. I’m very excited to show them around our new home. Besides Amsterdam, we’re also going to spend a few days in Rome with them, and maybe take a day trip to Florence.

Italy is a special destination for me, since a) it’s where I spent my honeymoon, and b) it was my first trip to Europe. On our honeymoon, we spent a week on the Isle of Capri, and took day trips into Naples, Amalfi, Positano, Anacapri, and a number of other little cities. After that first week, we spent a few days in Sorrento, and then a few more in Rome. We hiked up Vesuvius, wandered the ruins of Pompeii, and ate more gelato than any 2 people reasonably should.

While this upcoming trip won’t take us back to the Amalfi Coast, it did get me looking through my old photos, and looking forward to visiting the Eternal City again. Below are a just a few of the several thousand pictures my wife and I took during our 2 weeks in Italy.

1) Arco Naturale: Upon making the looooooong journey to Capri (St. Louis -> Chicago -> Munich -> Naples -> Ferry to Capri), we took a quick nap in our hotel room. From there, we headed out to the streets to check out the island. With no plan, we just started wandering, and eventually spotted small signs with arrows leading us to Arco Naturale. Not having heard of it, we just decided to go. About a 30 minute walk later, we arrived at a beautiful natural archway looking down over the Mediterranean. We just sat there admiring it for ages, thinking this was what a honeymoon was supposed to be like.

2) The Amalfi Coast: This has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life. Extremely hilly, but covered in green, there are a number of small towns that seemingly cling to life against the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. Positano was my wife’s favorite, but I like this picture of the town of Amalfi.

3) Trevi Fountain: Legend holds that if you throw 1 coin into Trevi, you will be destined to return to Rome. 2 coins means you will find your true love, and 3 coins means you will marry them. Needless to say, being on our honeymoon, we each only threw 1 coin into the fountain. Looks like the legend holds, as we will be returning to Rome only 4 short years since we last visited.

4) The Vatican: Everybody knows about the Vatican, and has seen pictures of St. Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel. No need to rehash that here. Instead, I’m fond of this picture of Ponte Sant’Angelo, a bridge built a little after 400 AD that lead people into the Vatican.

5) Rome: I don’t exactly know where this picture was taken, since Rome seems to have about 500 of these obelisks, but I think it’s a cool picture nonetheless. This could be Piazza Navona, or the square in front of the President’s house. Who knows?

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