We’re finally fully legal!

23 Dec

A few months back, Roxy and I went to the Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) office. Being an EU citizen already, I got a stamp in my passport good for 9 years. This is what the stamp looks like:

Roxy got a similar stamp, but hers is only good for 6 months, whilst the IND reviewed her case and decided if she could stay. The worker told us not to worry, she had the right to stay, it was just a formality. Well, a month later, we got a letter from the IND saying (in Dutch) that she was approved, and could come back to their office to get her documentation.

This was early November, and we’ve been in no rush to go, since it’s on the other side of the city from us, near Sloterdijk station. Roxy ended up having a job interview near there (and got the job!) earlier this week, so she stopped in to the IND.

Well, it turns out the letter we got basically said “this letter informs you you have been approved. Wait for another letter telling you to come see us”. Google Translate didn’t really get that point across, so Roxy was sent to another desk where they looked her up. Her card was in (and had been for a month, they just forgot to send the 2nd letter), so she now has a card giving her 5 years of residence, with no work permit required! After 5 years, she can apply to become a Naturalized citizen of the Netherlands. Here’s an example of her card:

Taken from

Yay! No more dealing with government bureaucrats for 5 years. Well, that’s not true. Assuming we move to a new apartment next year, we have to re-register with the city, but that’s easier.


Posted by on December 23, 2010 in Legalities of Moving


2 responses to “We’re finally fully legal!

  1. John

    December 23, 2010 at 16:36

    This is always an exciting day 🙂

    I have had the pleasure of sitting in that tiny room at Prly Plaza waiting for my card, 3 times now.

    The last being today… when I picked of a new verblijfsvergunning… giving me the right to work anywhere… (previously, I was tied to my current job).

    Hooray for freedom!

    And congrats to Roxy!

    • thedewaddict

      December 24, 2010 at 13:55

      Congrats to you, John! Are you planning a job change?


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