Dryers, Bikes, Police, and Immigration.

09 Oct

Hmm, since my last post, several things have happened.  I’ll try to keep this short and sweet so as not to bore you, my 3 loyal readers, with mundane details:

Clothes dryer in our apartment:  Still without one.  New one was delayed a week, should hopefully be here on Monday.  I’m pretty much out of clean clothes as of this morning.

My bike: Stolen a week and a half ago.  Police lost the report, so I had to file a 2nd one.  I finally got a new bike yesterday.  Didn’t realize how much I needed one until I had to go a week and a half without one.

Immigration:  Went to the IND earlier this week, and Roxy and I are now legal.  We got stickers in our passports saying this.  Mine is good for 9 years, Roxy’s is good for 6 months (until they can make a decision on whether or not to give her a 1 year sticker.  After that year is up, she can apply for a 5 year sticker.  She doesn’t need a work permit, so once we get back from the US in early November, she can start job hunting in earnest.

That’s pretty much it for here.  Roxy has a cold, but it’s a beautiful fall day here.  We may ride our bikes to Flevopark and find a nice place to read for a bit.  We went to Vondelpark last week for a few hours, and it was very relaxing.  Tonight, we’re going bowling with a group of other Expats.


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6 responses to “Dryers, Bikes, Police, and Immigration.

  1. Traci

    October 9, 2010 at 17:33

    Hey, I always read it when you post! So, I guess that makes it 4 readers now!! Glad to hear the updates. It’s nice to be “part” of your adventure. Hugs to you both!

  2. Marc

    October 9, 2010 at 20:46

    Make it 5 readers!

    My wife and I just moved here 2 weeks ago, it’s nice to read about someone who is a bit ahead of us! I have made a lot of the mistakes you talk about. I made the residence permit appointment and did not mention my wife. The appointment is in 2 weeks, so thanks for the heads up!

    Any tips on finding an apartment? We want to be within the ring, but our budget is low by Amsterdam standards (but really high by Portland, OR standards). We have tried 2 agencies, several sites, and a few personal connections, so far without luck. Any help is welcomed!

    • thedewaddict

      October 10, 2010 at 08:20

      Hi Marc! Welcome to Amsterdam! We found our apartment through My biggest complaint was how many agents wouldn’t reply back to us. I think what happens is apartments get taken, but until the actual lease is signed, the agents leave them up on the website, and just ignore anybody else who is interested. My advice would be to check it constantly and call if you see one you’re interested in. You can also try, it’s sort of like craigslist for the netherlands. We really wanted to live in the Centrum, but found that we couldn’t get the apartment we wanted in our price range, which is how we ended up in Zeeburg. It’s only a 10 minute bike ride to Centraal Station, or a quick bus ride, so at least we can get to the Centrum quickly whenever we want.

      • Marc

        October 19, 2010 at 09:10

        Thanks for the tips! We found a nice place in the Jordaan last week and were able to get our name in first. I’ll keep checking back to find out how to do the next major step! 🙂

      • thedewaddict

        October 19, 2010 at 14:15

        I am beyond jealous. I want to live in the Jordaan! We looked at 1 apartment there that we could afford, but it was so small as to be completely unusable for us. When our current lease is up next year, we hope to move to the Jordaan or De Pijp. Enjoy!

  3. Sara

    October 11, 2010 at 23:19

    But I like all the little details…then I can live out my European dream vicariously through you and Roxy.


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