02 Oct

Last month, we decided to take our first day trip out of Amsterdam.  Being new to the Netherlands, we hadn’t really explored it at all.  And we still haven’t, but at least now we can say we’ve been out of Amsterdam, barely.  Haarlem is about a 15 minute train ride from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station.

We walked out of Haarlem’s train station (second oldest in the country), and it was almost like stepping back in time.  We had traveled on a rainy Sunday morning, so few people, and even fewer cars, were out and about.  Being Sunday in the Netherlands, very little was open, save for a few restaurants and museums, so we just strolled up and down the streets of Haarlem.  I had read that it was known as a shopping town, and I can definitely see that.  We passed a ton of shops that I’m sure Roxy or I would like.  We’ll have to go back some day when things are open.


Haarlem sits on the river Spaarne, and like Amsterdam, has canals wandering through some of the tiny streets.


Among the many shops we wished we could visit, a bakery:


The Adriaan windmill:


Of course, not all of Haarlem looks like it comes from the last century:


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