21 Sep

Lots of things to update, but only a few will be covered in this post.  I have pictures of Haarlem, Brussels, and the UK to post, but I’ve been slacking on renewing my Flickr membership, and until I do, I have no place to host the images.

Roxy went to register with the GBA, and I accompanied her, since I already knew where it was from my previous trip.  Lucky for us that I came along.  Apparently, the person who registered me failed to enter my marriage into the computer.  No marriage = no legal right for Roxy to be here.  We finally got everything straightened out, but with 2 issues.  The first is that there are already 2 people registered as living in our apartment.  They must be the previous tenants.  They have not registered anywhere new yet.  So we have to go down to our local Gemente office, which is like a city hall, and ask them to launch an investigation and remove these people from our address.  No big deal I think.  The second issue is that Roxy cannot be issued her BSN number until she gets approval from the IND (immigration).  So we made an appointment for her, and went down there.  The lady quickly told us that since I had not registered with the IND, that Roxy could not register.  I was told I had 3 months to register, as did Roxy, but evidently that info was not correct. The helpful lady went over all of our paperwork and made us a new appointment so that we could both register with the IND.  We go back on October 2nd.

After registering with the GBA 2 weeks ago, I went and opened a bank account.  I was told my ATM card would arrive in 3-5 days.  We left for the UK, and still no card.  When we returned a week later, still no card, but I did get my e-dentifier.  An e-dentifier is a small calculator looking object that hooks up to your computer by USB.  When you log onto internet banking, you insert your card and type your PIN number.  I guess they don’t trust passwords here.  Anyway, it turns out the bank forgot to order my card, so they put in a new request.  Hopefully that will arrive shortly.  Until I can log in to internet banking, I can’t get the info I need to initiate a wire-transfer of money from the states.  So now, almost 5 weeks after moving, we are still making withdrawls from local ATMs of money from our US account, at a cost of $2 per withdrawl.  I hope to have a working local bank account soon!

Finally, the dryer in our new apartment does not work.  The repairman was supposed to be here at 9am, and it’s now 9:50.  I’m beginning to wonder if he meant 9pm.  I’m out of clean socks, and rapidly running out of other clothes.  Fun times!


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