24 Aug

Since my last blog entry, we’ve made significant strides in several areas.  1) We both bought bicycles, and 2) We’ve found an apartment!!!  Next week we’ll be moving to Zeeburg!  It’s an old warehouse that’s been converted to apartments, very loft-like.  It’s only 1 bedroom, but it has a separate study area and LOTS of closet space.

Last weekend was a busy one here in Amsterdam, with De Parade and Sail Amsterdam both going on.  Friday night we made our first journey on the Amsterdam Metro down to Martin Luther Kingpark, which is on President Kennedylaan.  We had read that it has English plays as well as Dutch, so we figured we would check it out.  Whilst standing in line (listening to the 2 guys behind us talk about how annoying Americans are), a nice lady with kids gave us free tickets to get in.  Once we got in, we ordered burritos from a stand.  I have to say, that was one of the best burritos I’ve ever had.  Fantastic!  We walked around to check out the events, but everything was in Dutch, so we ended up leaving.

Saturday we endeavored to take the tram over to Sail, but unbeknownst to us, the tram we took was re-routed because of Sail.  Tell me if this makes sense:  Because of the large crowd, they had the tram stop MUCH farther away from the Sail area than it normally would.  We ended up walking quite a ways to get down there.  It ended up being good because Sail was in the area that we’ll be moving to next week, so we got a chance to explore it a little more.  Sail was very cool, lots of big huge sail boats surrounded by other boats just floating around.  We took the tram to the Centrum and grabbed some take-out (or “take-away” as they call it here) Indonesian food from Kantjil & De Tijger (Rabbit & the Tiger).

Today we avoided a huge catastrophe when I noticed that the broker thought we wanted to rent a different apartment than the one we were actually interested in.  Luckily the other one hadn’t been taken yet.  After work, Roxy and I hopped on our bikes and rode over to Rembrantpark to get out of the apartment.  I can’t wait to move next week and be closer to the Centrum, where places actually stay open past 6pm.

Since I’m still working on the US schedule, that means I get Labor Day off.  Unfortunatly, Roxy has an appointment to register with the city that day, but we’re still planning on taking our first trip since moving, heading down to Brussels for the weekend.

This weekend we’re deciding where to go – we may go down to Maastricht for some food festival, or we may go to a local expat group I found on  Who knows??

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