Here, but not really.

19 Aug

Tomorrow will mark 1 week since we arrived in Amsterdam.  Despite that, I still don’t really feel like I’m living here yet.  We’re in a temporary apartment, which is nice enough, but it’s not really in an area makes you think “This is Amsterdam!”  It’s all taller buildings and offices.  If you look at this map of Amsterdam neighborhoods, we’re in Slotervaart, right near the border with Oud-Zuid (Old South).  We looked at an apartment yesterday in Zeeburg, but while it was nice, it was too far out.  It took us almost an hour by tram to get there.

We are hoping to go see 2 apartments today, one in Oud-Zuid, and one in the Centrum.  I’m not 100% sold on the idea of living in the Centrum, just because I know it’s the touristy area, filled with bars, restaurants, coffeeshops, and souvineer shops.  The place we’re looking at is on a side street though.  The apartment in Oud-Zuid is in a larger apartment building, but it’s still in a nice area, and close to the Albert Cuyp market.

In other news, neither of us has purchased a bicycle yet.  We’ve gone to a few stores, but it’s difficult because everything closes at 6pm here, and I work until 5:30.  We got to 1 store at 5:45 and the owner basically told us they start closing at 5:30, so it was too late.  I’ll have to go in during lunch, or just wait until Saturday.  Once we have bikes, I think that will open up a lot more of the city to us, as right now we’re dependent on walking or taking the tram, and the tram is a 10-minute walk from our apartment.

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