Space (not Outer)

16 Jul

There are quite a few blogs I try to keep up on through my helpful Google Reader account (and an RSS feed app for my iPad), but Google is always helpfully suggesting more blogs for me to peruse.  One such blog came up today.  It was, as always, a blog from an expat living in the Netherlands.  What caught my eye was a post featuring a picture of St. Louis’ own Gateway Arch!  Here’s the entry.

After reading it, it did give me pause.  As an American, I do enjoy my own personal space.  While I like the food of Cheesecake Factory, I dislike eating there because they space the tables so close together.  When in Las Vegas earlier this year, I was upset when our table at Mon Ami Gabi was separated from our dining neighbors by only a few inches.  When eating, I like to have some room to myself.  I don’t like being able to easily ear the discussions of other diners, and I certainly don’t like the feeling that I have to whisper in order to keep others from prying on mine.  Not that I’m discussing state secrets mind you, but it’s the principal of the thing.

Just one more way that living in Europe, where everything is crammed together, is going to force me to change.

P.S. Less than 4 weeks to go!  27 days!

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Posted by on July 16, 2010 in Life in the USA


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