Packing Up

13 May

2 years ago, my wife Roxy and I made the decision to move out of St. Louis.  Where we were going was still up in the air, but we knew we were going to move.  Last fall, we decided on Amsterdam.  In the meantime, we made plans as to what we would do with the belongings we wanted to keep (storing them at my parents house), and started getting our house ready to sell.  It went on the market in late January, and at the end of April we finally got a contract on it. Even though I knew the time to move was approaching, I could never really feel it.  It felt far off, something I didn’t need to worry about just yet.

In the last week, we’ve really started kicking our packing up a notch.  Our house no longer looks like our home, it’s just a place with some of our stuff in it, mostly sitting in boxes or on chairs.  Sort of like what it looked like when I moved in 6 years ago.  We’ll be moving out in a little over a week to live with my parents for a few months until we make the big move.  It finally hit me that moving to Amsterdam is really not that far off.  In some ways, 3 months seems like a long time, but in other ways it does not.

What really made me think about it was packing things.  We just got married in 2007, so lots of our “stuff” is new and/or was a wedding present.  We obviously want to keep most of that stuff.  Normally when you prepare for a move, you pack your stuff, load it in a van, and unpack it when you get to the new place.  Not us.  Quite a bit of our stuff will stay packed for several years, until we return from Europe.  Whether this is 2 years, 5, or 10, who knows?  The point is, we’re taking stuff we use on an almost daily basis, wrapping it in newspaper, and saying “See you in 5 years!”  It’s quite odd to me.

I feel a mixture of excitement and fear.  I’m pretty comfortable here in my normal life, and pretty soon it will change almost completely.  I’m trying to liken this to going off to college in a new city, something I did 13 years ago (geez, was it really that long?).   I’ll have to make new friends, find new places to buy groceries and eat, learn my way around a new city (not to mention a new language).  But I know many people have paved the way for me, and their information has been extremely useful.  I can’t wait – but I’ll have to (91 more days!)

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